About Us

Yes, we really are two sisters from Texas--the Galbraith Girls--and we share passions for both travel and shopping for quality bargains in fashion and home décor. As children, we produced many fashion shows for our audience of parents and loved playing "store" while selling to our best customers--our parents, of course. We also had the best dressed Barbies in the neighborhood.

Shannon, who has a degree in fashion merchandising, has been a fashionista since childhood. Rachel has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and has found a way to express that talent. Vintage clothing inspires us and allows us to express our creativity. Our parents taught us to "find your passion and figure out how to make a living doing it." We have found our passions and have created a way to share them with you. While traveling, we have discovered many styles both past and present and offer you beautiful, quality clothes and accessories many of which are "vintage" inspired. Some of our offerings are one-of-a-kind, custom created by us and others will entice you to add your own special touch.  We also offer a some special finds under our Thrifty Finds and Vintage sections. 

Remember: the good life is about taking chances; so, take the chance to create, discover and express your inner-self. And, most of all, we wish you continued success discovering and enjoying your own passion.